“Zendrive crunches 30-billion miles of smartphone data and works with Milliman to build one of the industry’s strongest predictive models”

-- Sheri Scott, Principal & Consulting Actuary at Milliman

To date, Zendrive has measured 30-billion miles of data, allowing it to conduct granular analysis and deep exploration of driver behavior, with impressive statistical credibility. Zendrive partners with the leading actuarial firm, Milliman, to unlock new potential from this massive dataset by constructing a risk model that is 6-times more predictive than leaders in the industry.

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Milliman Study PDF

Download the study to see:

  • Insights on how smartphone-based telematics can detect human behavior (while hardware telematics only measure vehicular motion).
  • How driving data gathered from smartphones in a multivariate fashion allows Zendrive to identify the most predictive combination of behavior variables.
  • Millimans’ analysis of how these variables contribute to an increase in collision frequency.
  • How this new risk score compares to industry leaders.