Mobile Network Operators

Drive growth and loyalty with user-centric in-app experiences

Deploy customizable driver engagement and safety solutions for consumers and fleets to boost revenue, brand loyalty, and retention.

Increase digital engagement with smartphone-centric solutions

Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Boost revenue by offering in-app features such as family safety updates and notifications.

Unlock new revenue streams

Leverage Zendrive’s ecosystem and generate revenue by offering personalized insurance offerings to your users.

Delight customers

Increase customer satisfaction by offering driver coaching and roadside assistance to your users.

Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
Unlock new revenue streams
Delight customers

Mobility solutions for driver safety and engagement

Insurance Qualification Lens

Generate ad revenue by helping customers get fairer auto insurance and savings based on their driving behavior.

Fleet Risk Management

Increase your total addressable market by offering smartphone-centric fleet risk management solutions to fleets of all sizes.

Driver and family safety

Provide feedback on driving behavior, reward behavioral improvements, and deliver peace of mind by offering personalized family safety updates.

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