Commercial Insurance

Transform commercial auto insurance with smarter risk insights

Proactively reduce loss ratios by providing a robust fleet risk mitigation solution to your customers.

Ensure long-term profitability with robust risk intelligence

Reduce loss frequency

Improve loss ratios by offering critical risk insights. Encourage sustainable behavioral improvements with personalized feedback and gamification.

Improve pricing and segmentation

Go beyond traditional rating factors. Use highly accurate driving data to make well-informed pricing and segmentation decisions.

Increase retention

Ensure customer satisfaction and long-term retention by allowing customers to have more control over their insurance premium costs.

Reduce loss frequency
Improve pricing and segmentation
Increase retention

Get ahead of the curve with a holistic solution

Usage-based pricing

Make pricing decisions based on highly predictive risk signals such as mileage, driving behavior, location, and other contextual insights.

Dashboards and reports

Provide interactive, highly intuitive dashboards and reports to customers for better visibility into fleet performance and risk.

Automatic collision detection

Save lives and improve customer experience with automatic collision notifications. Get instant FNOL reports for faster claims processing and lower claims costs.

Back-end integrations

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging Zendrive’s APIs and integrations for smoother backend processes.

Advanced Risk Modeling

Use Zendrive’s actuarial expertise and experience to build your own frequency and severity models with highly accurate driving data.

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