Consumer Apps

Boost revenues with engaging experiences

Offer exceptional in-app features, cost-saving opportunities, and engaging experiences to ensure revenue growth and retention.

Accelerate business growth with Mobility Risk Intelligence

Increase revenues

Unlock new revenue streams and increase ARPU with features your users want to pay for.

Create engaging in-app experiences

Provide peace of mind and unique cost-saving opportunities to drive conversion, adoption, and retention.

Unlock new user insights

Launch new products, features, and services by using accurate mobility insights and analytics.

Increase revenues
Create engaging in-app experiences
Unlock new user insights

Mitigate risk, lower costs, and scale your fleet with confidence

Driver analytics

Understand your users’ mobility patterns and deliver personalized value based on risk factors such as mileage, driving behavior, location, etc.

Family safety

Deliver peace of mind to users with family safety features such as behavioral feedback and alerts, location updates, and leaderboards.

Insurance Qualification Lens

Generate new revenues by helping users save on auto insurance. Offer in-app test drive experiences for fairer, personalized insurance quotes.

Automatic collision notification

Provide timely assistance and save lives by dispatching help and notifying family circles with automatic collision notifications.

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