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COVID-19 Study | Mobility amidst lockdown

COVID-19 Study | Mobility amidst lockdown
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Key takeaways

Mobility Amidst Lockdown: Every Minute on the Road is Riskier

Among other aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has also influenced the dynamics and frequency of mobility across the globe. In this report, we share behavioral insights and driving trends identified from hundreds of millions of global and national data.

As economies reopen, how people move in the coming weeks will matter more than ever.

Here's what's inside this exclusive Zendrive report:

  • Overview of global and national driving trends
  • Driver behavior analysis for U.S. personal and commercial drivers
  • State and major U.S. city mobility comparisons and analysis

National trends at a glance...

What should we expect as states reopen?

As post-lockdown commutes begin, our analyses from 15 days prior and after the lockdown provide a crucial view into each state's context as drivers begin hitting the road.

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Zendrive COVID-19 Global Mobility Report

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