Fleet Risk Management

Identify and mitigate your fleet risk

Reduce mobility risk through behavioral coaching, time-sensitive insights, and a holistic view of your fleet’s activities.

Smartphone-centric risk intelligence for smarter fleet operations

Get a holistic view

Get a comprehensive view of your fleet’s activity by getting critical insights into driver behavior, vehicle status, location, and overall fleet performance.

Ensure safety

Keep drivers safer by providing detailed — aggregate and trip-level — contextual feedback and timely assistance in case of a collision.

Reduce costs

Minimize the likelihood of collisions and reduce fuel and maintenance costs by encouraging behavioral improvements.

Get a holistic view
Ensure safety
Reduce costs

Mitigate risk, lower costs, and scale your fleet with confidence

Behavioral risk assessment
(driver and fleet score)

Get accurate insights on your drivers’ behavioral risk. Identify areas of improvement for drivers, teams, and the overall fleet and provide actionable feedback.

Location updates and trip trails

Pinpoint each risky driving event with automatic trip detection and trip trails. Create geofences and get instant location updates.

Automatic collision detection

Dispatch help, provide roadside assistance, and make smarter routing decisions in case of a crash with automatic collision notifications.

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