Preventing Collisions and Reducing Fleet Costs While Using the Zendrive Dashboard

At Zendrive, we believe that data can make the world safer. In fact, we found that the bottom 25% of drivers accounted for roughly 50% of all collisions, which helps focus coaching efforts for improvement. We designed the Zendrive Dashboard dashboard to help target these drivers. They’re not only the most dangerous to society, but are also the most costly. This paper analyzes these drivers’ substantial improvement on the road after being coached through the Zendrive Dashboard.

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Loss Control White Paper PDF

Download the study to see:

  • The dangerous driving behaviors most likely to lead to collisions.
  • Zendrive coaching strategy and the impact it has on improving driver behavior.
  • The potential insurance savings from improving the behavior of the riskiest drivers.
  • The fleet effects and sustainability of driving improvement using the Zendrive Dashboard.