Who are some of Zendrive's customers?

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Who are some of Zendrive's customers?
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Key Takeaways

Rideshare, roadside assistance, valet, vehicle delivery, traditional fleets, and many more established and emerging industries are using Zendrive to provide safer, superior, and more profitable fleet-based services. What do these customers have in common?

Zendrive customers are made up of smart teams that are modernizing established industries and creating new ones., for example, disrupted roadside assistance by drastically reducing customer wait-times and enabling unprecedented visibility into service provider location. Other Zendrive customers are pioneering new industries by solving problems that have never been addressed. For example, HopSkipDrive, Shuddle, and Kidzjet are meeting a need that has plagued working parents for years: how to safely transport their kids to afterschool enrichment activities without risking their day jobs.

These industry-disrupting businesses aren’t just moving quickly to launch cheaper choices; they are building businesses that provide safer, quality services. A recent Zendrive study of ride-sharing data published in Fast Company found that kids-focused services are actually doing a better job than non-professional drivers, which should make parents think twice next time they consider asking a family friend to pick up their kids.

These customers and many others trust Zendrive to make their fleet-based businesses:

  • Safer – Accurate data and driver analytics help businesses demonstrate to customers that their safety promises are sincere; that they are committed to making the passenger journey more secure.
  • Superior – Data is used to coach drivers just getting started and to identify (and reward) drivers performing at and above expectations. Zendrive customers brand their services as premium because of the advantages they provide.
  • More Profitable – Safer drivers reduce operating costs by lowering insurance rates, reducing maintenance costs derived from more responsible vehicle use, and reduce the number of delayed service and logistic-clogging for delivery services.

Zendrive customers could not deliver in a scalable, quality manner their product and services using outdated, hardware-based approaches like OBD. Rather, they are leveraging improvements in smartphone and device hardware, Internet-based services for payment and insurance, and data science to build profitable businesses.

Over the next few months, you’re going to hear more about our customers’ growth, success, and lessons learned in this Customer Stories blog series. We’ll showcase company founders, key employees, and unique fleet drivers–all of whom are working to make driving safer for passengers and pedestrians. Stay tuned.

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