50 new fleets using ZenFleets

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50 new fleets using ZenFleets
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Key Takeaways

We’re excited to announce that in just three months since our launch of ZenFleets, we’ve signed up 50 new fleets!

Unlike traditional hardware solutions, ZenFleets uses drivers’ phones – either Android or iOS. This makes it easy for On Demand companies to deploy it to their fleet, helping them measure and optimize safety, cost savings, and more. It’s easier to use, faster to implement, and lower in price than traditional hardware solutions.

“We’ve had tremendous interest in ZenFleets across all segments of the On-Demand economy in a short period of time. A variety of On Demand service companies are excited about integrating ZenFleets with their applications to optimize their fleet’s safety, reduce costs, and increase customer confidence.”

- Jonathan Matus, CEO of Zendrive

Customer highlights

  • Shuddle, a rideshare company providing rides for busy families, has been using ZenFleets since November 2014 to measure and optimize the safety of its drivers and passengers. “Ensuring a safe ride is our most important responsibility,” said Shuddle CEO Nick Allen. “We partnered with Zendrive to give us the insight we need to be 100% confident that we have the safest drivers on the road.”
  • Medlert provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile platform for scheduling medical transport and followup care, serving over 1000 medical vehicles and 88 health care facilities. “Working with Zendrive helps us accelerate the shift towards value based care in the medical transport industry,” said David Emanuel, Medlert co-founder & CEO. “By combining ZenFleets analytics with our medical transport scheduling platform, we can improve driver behavior and provide a better patient experience.”
  • SherpaShare, a free financial and analytics mobile app that gives thousands of 1099 contractors across the US the tools they need to manage their driving income, expenses and more, uses Zendrive to help measure mileage. “Since our contractors often drive for more than one on-demand service, Zendrive’s tracking will help them better understand how to more efficiently work. Exact mileage counts help contractors calculate their own costs and understand actual earnings,” said Ryder Pearce, co-founder of SherpaShare.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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