How Zendrive analytics extends beyond safety

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How Zendrive analytics extends beyond safety
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Key Takeaways

When we launched ZenFleets, we used driver analytics to help fleet managers optimize for safety and cost savings.

But we had no idea how creative developers around the world would get when they integrated Zendrive’s analytics into their apps and hardware.

Zendrive analytics is now extending beyond safety capabilities to activity tracking, in-car hardware, and on-demand service platforms. We’re excited to support new types of applications and services with the technology, from improving the efficiency of these on-demand service platforms to improving the accuracy of personal activity tracking.

“Our customers and partners in the On-Demand economy are using ZenFleets for driver analytics to improve safety. But ever since we opened up our platform, other developers have been integrating our technology into their operations in new and innovative ways. We’ve seen companies integrate Zendrive for low-battery driving detection, telematics, On-Demand services platforms, and more.”

- Jonathan Matus, CEO & Co-Founder, Zendrive

Partners integrating our analytics

These partners are among those integrating our analytics in new and creative ways, demonstrating the scalability and flexibility of our mobile platform:


Pioneer is a worldwide leader in car electronics like navigation systems and digital media receivers. “Zendrive is bringing driving analytics insights to our products and services portfolio. We’re excited to use Zendrive’s technology to keep our customers safer on the road, while helping us expand our offerings in new directions to increase customer satisfaction. Combining insights about driving behavior with interactive hardware will lead to a safer drive for all,” said Seiji Tanezawa, General Manager of Telematics Business Division, of Pioneer.


Human, one of the most popular activity trackers in the iOS App Store, has integrated Zendrive to improve tracking of driving habits. “The collaboration with Zendrive improves the tracking of car rides for our users. This helps us to improve the accuracy of our activity detection and gives our user an even better overview of their day.” said Paul Veugen, co-founder and CEO of Human.


Dispatch, an On-Demand services platform, helps businesses better manage and gain insight into their network of third party providers by offering a set of mobile and web tools, as well as a set of APIs to access availability, schedule and location in real-time. “Many of our customers are service providers who are on the road all day,” said Avi Goldberg, CEO of Dispatch. “Using Zendrive we help them understand the importance of driving safely and how to prevent rising insurance costs by managing the unsafe drivers in the fleet.”

To learn more about Zendrive and our solutions, contact us here.

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