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MIN READ modernizes roadside service & teams with Zendrive
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Flat tires, dead batteries, and accidents happen. But it’s the response that matters. Zendrive customer, is disrupting roadside assistance by modernizing the customer experience. Its innovative solution goes well beyond traditional service approaches that require advance planning and payment. supports real-time accident detection, roadside service requests, and tow-truck deployment.

On The Fast Track…Finally

The roadside services industry has been in need of transformation for some time, according to co-founder and senior vice president of product, Rick Robinson. “Consumers deserve a better experience than what they’ve been getting from traditional methods – calling an 800 number and waiting around for an hour or more, wondering when and if help will arrive. With there’s now a much better way.”

No subscriptions. No membership fees.’s simple, pay-for-use applications connect those who are stranded with nearby providers. offers free accident detection in partnership with Zendrive to the more than 257 million vehicles registered in the U.S. Through alert capabilities and real-time views, users know exactly what help will arrive, and when.

Under the Hood

The Collision Detection feature, powered by Zendrive, is simple for an customer with an iPhone to set up and leverage. They simply toggle Collision Detection “on” within the free app’s Settings and then enter a loved one’s name and phone number.

If and when the customer is in an accident instant alerts are sent automatically to the phone number of the loved one on file. also alerts the driver of the impacted vehicle that immediate access to roadside assistance is available — and help is just minutes away. The charges (for the roadside service) go directly to the registered user’s card on file and that individual can watch on their phone’s map in real time as help arrives.

“From the driveway to the highway, people want peace of mind which is why we continue to increase the functionality we provide for free to consumers in our iOS and Android applications,” explains Robinson. “The Zendrive technology is behind our free Collision Detection capability, providing an added level of security and even greater peace of mind to our customers.”

Simultaneously, is building a dense network of towing providers and always  improving its algorithm to match car types with the nearest approved and available drivers. Robinson says, “We have reports of distressed drivers experiencing eight-minute turnarounds from request to back on the road. That’s beneficial to both towers and customers.”

If you’d like to share your story about using’s Collision Detection feature or want to know more about how Zendrive can help your fleet improve driver and passenger safety, contact us at

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