Shuddle: Safer drivers, safer rides, safer families

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Shuddle: Safer drivers, safer rides, safer families
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Key Takeaways

Safe rides for families and kids. That’s the promise with Shuddle.

Often described as “ridesharing for kids,” Shuddle began serving the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 18 months ago. To keep its promise, it knew it had to develop the most comprehensive safety program in the industry. According to a recent published survey comparing data from ridesharing services for kids versus general ridesharing services, Shuddle has done just that.

“We have a rigorous driver selection process,” explains Shuddle’s Driver Training Manager, Amy Gosewisch. “All of our drivers have to meet specific criteria. We have an onboarding team that conducts interviews and provides applicant assistance. We require potential drivers to participate in orientation and education courses. We’re extremely detailed in our records checking and our vehicle inspections, and we don’t accept anyone who isn’t Trustline certified.”

In addition, drivers must have passed California’s background check for in-home child care, a child protection program of the State of California and the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.

But that’s just the beginning.

On the Road: Monitoring Ride Safety with Zendrive

Once Shuddle identifies and hires a high-quality driver, monitoring that driver’s safety and performance behind the wheel becomes key. From pickup to drop off, Shuddle, with the help of Zendrive, pays close attention to the smallest of details.

Beyond stringent identity check-in, real-time tracking, and ride procedures, this is another way we know Shuddle is superior to other rideshare services,” says Gosewisch. “We have technology built into our app that monitors driving behaviors in three key categories—control, caution, and focus,” says Gosewisch.

The technology developed by Zendrive is embedded in Shuddle’s mobile device app, allowing Shuddle to monitor rides in progress and detect attributes like how fast drivers are traveling, whether they’re obeying traffic rules, if they’re stopping gently, and if they’re steering clear of using their phone while driving.

Data from each ride is captured in a report that is reviewed by Shuddle’s Driver Trainer team and then shared privately with each driver. Gosewisch explains, “To execute well, we need visibility into each ride and Zendrive provides eyes when we aren’t physically there.”

Weekly check-ins then provide opportunities for the Shuddle team to pinpoint areas of improvement and remind drivers to check maps in advance, monitor traffic, and review procedures.

How do drivers feel about the reports? The team believes drivers appreciate the awareness reports bring. Gosewisch describes, “One driver commented that with her reports, she can finally prove she is a safe driver!”

The Shuddle advantage

As the driver comparison survey data shows, Shuddle and other ridesharing services for kids are proving to be safer. Beyond stringent experience and background requirements, real-time tracking, and delineated ride procedures, ride safety monitoring through Zendrive is “another way we know Shuddle is superior to other rideshare services,” says Gosewisch. “

Not just anyone can drive for Shuddle, and unlike popular general rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, Shuddle is allowed and insured to transport unaccompanied minors.

Attracting loyal drivers is another Shuddle specialty. Drivers stay with Shuddle because they enjoy its refreshing culture and scheduling flexibility.

“[Our] very loyal driver community [also] loves kids,” Gosewisch indicates. A former teacher, Gosewisch was drawn to the company’s focus on youth. “It’s an exciting time for transportation in general, and at Shuddle, I’m able to use my child development experience to help solve one of the big challenges for busy families: how to provide safe, scheduled, and smart rides for their kids.”

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