Keeping fuel delivery fleets safe on the roads

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Keeping fuel delivery fleets safe on the roads
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Key Takeaways

Keep fuel delivery safe. That’s Alex Hidalgo’s mission.

Hidalgo’s company, Booster Fuels, carries some of the most dangerous cargo on the roads – gasoline. Their fleet delivers 3 million gallons per year while logging 650,000 road miles.

That’s why the company is obsessed with driver safety as it fills gas tanks on-demand, typically for corporate customers in a large parking lot.

Keep fuel delivery safe

Booster Fuels uses Zendrive’s mobile platform to analyze driver data, detect risky behavior and reduce the likelihood of a collision. Ultimately, this helps keep fuel delivery safe.

Like many fleets, Booster Fuels has drivers with a variety of focus areas, from speeding to hard braking. But with such precious cargo, Booster Fuels keeps the bar for safety set high.

“Zendrive’s solution allows us a clear and accurate sense of how our drivers are performing based on data analysis,” said Hidalgo, Operations Engineer at Booster Fuels. “Zendrive provides us with enough data so that we can make predictions on how drivers are driving. We then score our drivers and provide them with feedback on how to improve.”

Zendrive can help fleets reduce risky driver behavior and lower collision risk by as much as 49%.

Read the rest of the Booster Fuels case study here.

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