DropCar makes owning a car hassle-free for New Yorkers

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DropCar makes owning a car hassle-free for New Yorkers
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We love our cars, but we hate taking care of them – parking them, filling them with gas, getting them serviced. These are major hassles, especially for New Yorkers.

Since car ownership isn’t going away anytime soon, startup DropCar sensed an opportunity. DropCar offers New Yorkers a comprehensive vehicle support platform. The company works directly with customers and dealers, meeting needs between services and vehicles.

It also manages logistics and transport for manufacturers and dealers such as Mercedes, Maserati, Lexus, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

Meet Steve, your DropCar valet


DropCar offers a valet service that comes to you. Valets like Steve meet customers anywhere – at front doors, offices, near restaurants.

Customers can summon Steve in just seconds using DropCar’s Android or iOS application. DropCar will then seamlessly transition vehicles from their owners to nearby parking garages or service locations and back. DropCar also helps dealers by allowing them to focus on what they do well –  sales and repair work.

“The utility people expect from vehicles, particularly in the sharing economy puts more pressure on the support models. Our goal is to reduce the significant expenses and time wasters, hopefully making it easier for people to interact with their cars.”

— Spencer Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO of DropCar

Incentivizing high performance in safety

To ensure drivers are safely moving client vehicles between locations, DropCar partnered with Zendrive. Zendrive enables DropCar to understand how safe its drivers are on every trip. Driver safety data also helps DropCar to improve training and weed out under-performers.

Drivers see their scores on a weekly basis and are incentivized to keep them high. The best driver in a given two-week period earns a cash prize. After the company noticed many of its best drivers were always competing for first place, but only the top 10-25% of drivers stayed excited, it decided to create another cash reward for a randomly selected driver maintaining a certain benchmark score.


Safer drivers help lower costs

Richardson says there is a direct, very strong correlation between the improvement of drivers’ overall scores and damage claims that come in to DropCar. With Zendrive’s safety technology embedded in its platform, DropCar has been able to reduce damage claims and tickets by more than 50%.

The data Zendrive provides is so compelling that DropCar shares it with its insurance company to provide full visibility into its unique business, helping to justify better rates.

The integration of Zendrive technology was also seamless. Zendrive provided DropCar with the same hassle-free experience DropCar gives its own customers.

“By partnering with Zendrive, we were able to make safety data really transparent not only to our drivers, but to the dealers and manufacturers we work with as well. Zendrive is easy to integrate, easy for our drivers to use and enables much greater efficiencies for us.”

— S. Richardson

If you lease, own, or rent a car in New York City, check out DropCar.

To learn more about Zendrive and our solutions, contact us here.

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