100 billion miles of rich driver behavior data and counting

100 billion miles of rich driver behavior data and counting
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Key Takeaways

100 billion miles and counting

Earlier this year, we measured and analyzed our 100 billionth mile of rich driver behavior data. As we reflect back on our journey, we can come to some conclusions.

100 billion miles is a LOT

That’s the equivalent of driving cross-country 50 million times. It’s almost 40% of the miles driven by every single American in March of 2018, or roughly the number of miles Ohioans drove in all of 2016.

This was FAST

It took us just a little over a year to hit 100 billion. In fact, we’re now getting about 30 billion more miles each month, and speeding up from there.

In comparison, here’s what the rest of the industry looks like:

Mobile proliferation means it’s easy for our tech to be distributed. And we have over 40 Million unique drivers on the platform, helping us grow even faster.

Rich driver behavior data MATTERS

Of course, 100 billion miles isn’t much if the miles are low quality. For years, companies have measured driving data with an on-board dongle that plugged into the car. While this helps rack up the miles, it misses the bigger picture as it only measures what the car is doing, not what the driver is doing. Driver error contributes to over 90% of all collisions. So the driver’s behavior is pretty important, especially if you want to improve safety and save lives.

Zendrive was the first to measure rich driver behavior using mobile tech, and we’ve done so since day 1. This means that every single one of our 100 billion miles has data about distractions such as phone use, aggressive behaviors like speeding and hard braking, and so much more. And because our tech is sleek and lightweight, we’re able to collect data continuously, not just at intervals like some others.

Because of this, we now know more. We know that the distracted driving problem in America is 100 times worse than the best government statistics show. A whopping 60% of drivers on the road use their phones at least once a day – around 69 Million people! This contributes to 26% of all collisions – something substantial to be aware of for anyone in city planning, fleet management, insurance… or just anyone who has a loved one on the road.

Better driver behavior data means better insights – and BIGGER IMPACT

All this rich detailed data would be nothing more than an interesting graph. Except it leads to something. Fortunately, Zendrive’s machine learning algorithms do better the more data they have to work with. And they’ve been crunching along this whole time to do more thorough analysis and make more accurate predictions.

In fact, leading actuary Milliman, an independent party, showed that Zendrive’s analysis is up to 6x more predictive of future crashes than the industry standard, which means that our combination of rich data plus machine learning is working.

With this predictive power, we can give communities the tools to make big and meaningful impacts.We can tell you how safe the roads are around your child’s school, so you can lobby for more crossing guards, or tell you which roads to take for the safest commute.


For us, hitting 100 billion miles is nice in itself. But where we really get excited is when we see the sea of possibilities in front of us. We use our rich driver behavior data to make real change in the world. From safer streets to safer drivers to safer autonomous cars, that’s what gets us into the office every day.

We’re excited for the next 100 billion miles, and the road ahead. We’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s a safer place to drive, walk, and bike.

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