The road ahead

The road ahead
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Key Takeaways

When we founded Zendrive in 2013, our team was inspired by a common goal of innovating and improving transportation as we know it. We saw an industry ripe for change and set our sights upon making the experience better for everyone – from the rideshare companies revolutionizing the space, to fleets worldwide, and to the consumers who are more mobile than ever before.

Our team of engineers and PhDs have been hard at work, and have found that our best first step in this new world of ridesharing, communal rides, and eventually driverless cars, is to focus on the one thing we all care about on the road-safety. We’ve been working with a variety of modern fleets and developers, using contextual driver analytics to improve safety and in turn lower insurance and gas-related costs for a more Zen ride.

Watch this space. Our scientists, domain experts, designers and developers will be rolling out more information about where Zendrive is headed in its quest to rethink road travel. I’m proud to say that in a little over a year, we’ve progressed from developing an idea into actual products and tools that will make transportation safer, more affordable, and a little more Zen. We look forward to starting the next chapter of our journey to enlighten transportation.

Stay tuned!

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