Zendrive named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative list

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Zendrive named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative list
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Key Takeaways

When it comes to innovative companies, Zendrive is among the best in the world.

Fast Company just released it list of the 10 most innovative companies for 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited to make the cut! This prestigious award recognizes Zendrive’s mission to make roads safer through data and analytics.

Alongside innovators like Waze, Lyft and General Motors, Zendrive won in the Transportation category for developing the next generation of technologies that help people move safely around the planet.

The Most Innovative Company award highlights Zendrive’s leadership in helping fleets coach and improve driver safety. Zendrive already has the world’s largest set of driving and driver behavior data. At 75 billion miles, we’ve analyzed more than all other competitors combined. This ocean of data fuels our AI-powered analysis and conclusions such as:

Mountains of data and machine learning algorithms

Our mountains of data and machine learning algorithms give us an edge. They allow Zendrive to measure and analyze risky driving faster and more accurately than anyone. The world’s leading actuarial firm, Milliman, studied our data and concluded that it can predict collisions with up to six-times more accuracy than the insurance industry’s standard methods. This means that Zendrive’s data and analytics can be used to improve driving and prevent crashes, saving lives and money.

Fast Company, the leading global business publication focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, singled out other winners in the Transportation category, including Eviation, Starsky Robotics, Airbus, Aptiv, Superpedestrian, and Car2Go.

Selecting innovative companies among thousands

To arrive at these conclusions, more than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of organizations to find innovative companies across 36 categories. Their mandate: Identify the most notable innovations of the year. Then, the committee traced their impact on businesses, industries, and the larger culture. Read more about the other winners of this year’s award at Fast Company.

This award marks a strong month for Zendrive, coming on the heels other most-innovative awards from CreditDonkey (2018 Best in Transportation) and Art Zeen (10 Most Promising Startups of 2018). And, all of this on top of Zendrive’s 2017 TIMMY Award for the Best Startup in San Francisco!

Excited about all this? Join our team! Zendrive is hiring!

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