March Madness: Zendrive’s 2019 driver safety bracket

March Madness: Zendrive’s 2019 driver safety bracket
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Key Takeaways

March Madness is officially here! 68 basketball teams will fight in a fierce 21-day single-elimination tournament – only this year, we’re turning up the competition. Our inaugural 2019 Driver Safety Bracket will accompany the tournament action, ranking each school based on their level of road safety. The winner will be the school with the safest drivers over the course of the three-week tournament!

Using our database of over 150-billion miles of driver behavior data, our school safety bracket will score each school using these five safety stats:

  • Phone Use: when a driver handles a mobile phone while driving.
  • Speeding: when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit.
  • Sharp Turning: when a driver takes a turn too fast or too sharply.
  • Rapid Acceleration: when a vehicle increases speed by 7 mph or more in one second.
  • Hard Braking: if a vehicle reduces speed by 7 mph or more in one second.

Each week we’ll measure the distracted driving data of each school and advance winners based on how safe their schools are. Scroll down to follow your school’s journey through the tournament and see where your favorite school stacks up on the driver safety charts!

2019 Zendrive Road Safety Bracket

Driver Safety Leaderboard


What does Zendrive do?

Zendrive’s mission is to make the roads safe through data and analytics. We use smartphone sensors to measure driver behavior in real time, which our machine-learning algorithms then turn into actionable safety insights for drivers.

With over 150 Billion miles of driver behavior measured analyzed, Zendrive’s driver safety scores are 6x more predictive of future crashes than the industry standard. Our technology is used by wireless carriers, fleets, mobile apps and insurers.

What is this study measuring?

For this analysis, we looked at the 68 universities participating in the 2019 March Madness NCAA tournament. We analyzed consumer driver behavior within a 10 mile radius of each university.

How will you calculate scores?

We looked at five different event types for this study:

  1. Hard Braking
  2. Aggressive Acceleration
  3. Phone Use
  4. Speeding
  5. Hard Turning

For hard braking, aggressive acceleration, and hard turning, we measure these events in counts per 100-miles driven. For phone use and speeding, we measure these in seconds of duration per 100-miles driven.

After taking these measurements, we normalize the values to obtain a score between 0 and 100. A score of 100 is the highest score. Schools that receive a 0 rank receive the worst possible score. Each school receives a score based on the best/worst school observed in those two categories. These scores are then averaged to obtain the school’s overall score, which we use to determine who moves on in our driver safety bracket.

Who are these drivers anyway?

Zendrive has anonymized, aggregated driver data from drivers all over the world. For miles driven in the United States, we obtain each mile of driver data through consumer app customers like GasBuddy and others.

What’s next?

We’re going to be releasing periodic Safety Snapshots as we analyze more miles in more areas. Stay tuned!

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