If it’s Friday at Zendrive, it’s gonna be funky

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If it’s Friday at Zendrive, it’s gonna be funky
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Key Takeaways

Zendrive is fortunate to be built by a team of diverse people, with unique talents–who all have one thing in common: the need to get FUNKY.

Each year, we all don our favorite Halloween costume and party down to celebrate October 31st. We have such a good time, in fact, that we can’t wait a full 12 months to ditch the “business casual” attire and dress to express. Thus, we host “Funky Friday” every week in the Zen offices: Themed days for employees to show off their creative side.

We encourage all Zendrivers to use your imaginations–don’t hold back! The funkier, the better. The prize for the funkiest costume is a one-on-one lunch with CEO Jonathan Matus. That is, if you manage to top his outlandish costumes and props. (80s vinyl leggings, anyone? We’ve got the photos to show how funk is done right.)

Truly, the unexpected happens on Funky Fridays, when customer-meeting-ready coworkers transform themselves into Snapchat filters, Burning Man attendees, or Flower Children.

Funky Fridays are a chance for Zendrivers to take a mental break so we can really channel those creative juices. The individuality of each of us is essential to our culture and what makes the wheels of inspiration turn.

More than simply closing the work week, Funky Fridays are a way for Zendrivers to express themselves and get to know the quirky sides of their co-workers. But don’t worry, we never take our eyes off the road!

Our Halloween Funky Friday was a floating party! At 7 AM, the Zendrive team watched the sun rise over the Bay Bridge as we boarded the San Francisco Belle for the famous Daybreaker Halloween Boat Party. A standard cup of morning joe has nothing on an eye-opener like that.

We spent two hours sipping green juice and kombucha while dancing to the sounds of our very own colleague, DJ Dane. This is not your typical office social–but then, this is not your typical team of extraordinary people, either.

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