GasBuddy leverages Zendrive data to help drivers save on gas

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GasBuddy leverages Zendrive data to help drivers save on gas
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Key Takeaways

GasBuddy: Helping Drivers Save

GasBuddy, the world’s leading car companion app and consumer engagement platform, helps millions of drivers make smart fuel efficiency decisions and save money. And as a leader in crowdsourced information, GasBuddy helps drivers find the lowest gas prices, closest stations, cleanest restrooms and much more. Above all, GasBuddy is a leading source for the most accurate, real-time fuel prices at 150,000 gas stations across the U.S and Canada.

GasBuddy helps drivers find the lowest fuel prices. Their 6 million monthly active users are passionate about their vehicles and highly engaged in finding the best gas price. As a result, GasBuddy’s leadership team is hyper-focused on improving the user experience to create more value for users.

GasBuddy and Zendrive: Improving Fuel Efficiency

Brainstorming product ideas with the Zendrive team, GasBuddy decided to build a way to help users be more fuel efficient. As a result, the teams partnered to develop GasBuddy Trips, enabling users to drive more fuel efficiently.

“Our whole mission is to enable drivers to make smarter decisions. Zendrive helps us get there with GasBuddy Trips.” — Levi Hamilton, GasBuddy’s VP & GM for Canada.  

Trips measures speeding, acceleration, and hard braking and provides feedback to help drivers understand and improve fuel efficiency with their own driving habits. Consequently, improved driving habits can increase efficiency by up to 40%. And that saves drivers money.

GasBuddy compared Zendrive to all available options.  A technical bake-off ensued, and Zendrive took the cake. Hence, GasBuddy chose Zendrive based on the following:

  • A robust SDK that has been validated in the market with 30 million drivers. GasBuddy found it easier to integrate, more stable and supported by far more driving data
  • The depth of Zendrive’s technical team and world-class support from project kickoff to integration testing
  • Zendrive’s product-focused mobile development team. They was able to translate driver safety data into a fuel efficiency rating for GasBuddy users

Then, after green lighting Zendrive, the GasBuddy team started building. Fast forward 6 months, and the team was ready to launch GasBuddy Trips to coach drivers into more fuel efficient habits. GasBuddy launched Trips in December 2017, and 3 months later already has 3.4 million monthly active users on both iOS and Android. That’s 60% adoption by the GasBuddy user base, a significant milestone for the Zendrive partnership. Finally, it’s a victory for drivers everywhere. Above all, that’s what matters.

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