Reinventing the way risk is measured, managed, and priced
We use smartphones to measure and score driving behavior, helping insurers better manage risk and fleets unlock savings.
100,000,000,000 miles analyzed
The future of Usage Based Insurance is Mobile. We have the largest & fastest growing mobile driving behavior dataset on the planet. This massive trove of insights, coupled with advanced machine-learning algorithms gives insurers unprecedented access to real-time driving behavior & powerful risk control tools.
We collect, measure, and
improve driving behavior
Measure Data
We measure driving-behavior events & other risk-related contextual data
Score Results
Our proprietary algorithms produce predictive safety scores & insights
Improve Behavior
Our AI identifies risky patterns & coaches drivers for improved behavior
Proven driving
behavior improvement
We have proven our ability to improve driving behavior for our customers, resulting in improved loss experience
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Measure, manage,
and price risk
We give auto insurers rich, precise driving behavior data to better measure risk and improve profitability
Loss Control
Leverage our ability to measure, score, and improve driving behavior for your insureds
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Leverage our rich data for dynamic pricing, risk selection, and entering new risk classes
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Leverage automated collision detection to improve claims investigation speed & quality
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‘Smart’ Broker
Access our portfolio of safety-minded fleets who are improving driving behavior
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Let us help you better measure, manage, and price risk