Zendrive named Timmy Award finalist in two tech categories

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Zendrive named Timmy Award finalist in two tech categories
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Key Takeaways

After winning in one category last year, Zendrive is again in the running as a Timmy Award finalist.

In the spirit of 100% growth, we are finalists in two categories this year, double what we accomplished last year by winning 2017’s ‘Best Tech Start Up.’ This year, we are finalists for ‘Best Tech Culture.’ Our co-founder Pankaj Risbood is a finalist for ‘Best Tech Manager’.

This is exciting stuff, and we need your help to turn our finalists into winners.

Tech in Motion, the organization that awards the Timmy’s, ranked Pankaj among the best managers in the entire tech industry. For those who don’t have the pleasure to work with Pankaj every day, we’ve included a few nuggets below that the judges called out.

Here’s why Pankaj stands out at ‘Best Tech Manager’:

  1. Centered: He is always laughing and addictively positive
  2. Empowering: He motivates and mentors the team so that people feel comfortable making their own decisions
  3. Hands-On: Leads from the front during crisis all the while supporting his team however he can

Pankaj embodies Zendrive’s foundational values. These values also helped us make the final list for ‘BestTech Culture.’

Here’s why Zendrive’s culture stands apart from the rest.

We have built a team of Zendrivers with true grit and desire to solve massive problems. We work hard, collaborate actively and take care of our unique culture. Over the past two years, we have collected and analyzed the world’s largest set of mobile driving data — 150 billion miles. To put it in perspective, that’s 806 trips from Earth to the Sun and back.

Together, we transformed that data into a game-changing product – the world’s most powerful mobile driver analytics platform. We use only the sensors in your phone to understand and improve driving behavior, helping companies save lives and save money every day.


Voting is open until October 3rd. Winners will be chosen 50% from community voting (individuals can vote once every 24 hours) and 50% from a panel of expert judges. Vote daily HERE (For Best Tech Culture) and HERE (For Pankaj as Best Tech Manager).

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