Making Every Drive a
Rewarding Experience.

We are using data and insights to empower drivers to make better driving-related decisions and to make time spent on the road a fun and rewarding experience.

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Zendrive makes roads smarter, commutes shorter, and your ride safer, greener and more fun and affordable.

  • Safe

  • Green

  • Fun

  • Affordable

About Us

We are a classic Ex-Google and Ex-Facebook mix: the kind of geeky guys that get excited by big difficult problems, yet are obsessed with finding ideas rapidly and iterating and evolving them constantly

Founding Team

Jonathan Matus

President and CEO

  • Product Geek.
  • Ex-Facebook Mobile (Mobile Platform and Ads).
  • Ex-Google (early Android team member)
  • American-Israeli.
  • World Traveler. Rock Climber. Chef.
  • Harvard.
  • Fascinated by AI, Singularity and Philosophy of Mind

Pankaj Risbood

Vice President Data Eng

  • Data Geek.
  • Ex-Walmart Labs (Built Big-Data team).
  • Ex-Google (Speech Team, Google Compute)
  • Bangalorean.
  • Long Distance Runner. Hiker. Proud dad.
  • Indian Institute of Science.
  • Fascinated by Neuroscience & Behavioral Economics

Zendrive Seed Funding


At Facebook and Google, Pankaj and I were fortunate to build products and platforms that were used by millions of people every day to connect and improve their lives. Now, out on our own, we’re still driven to build a product that will touch a huge number of lives and improve those lives every day: we want to fix driving.

We’ve been working on Zendrive for several months and are excited to announce today a $1.5 million seed round of funding with backers that include First Round Capital, Max Levchin, Jerry Yang, Tim Ferriss and many other tech founders and leading investors. With their help, we’re working on an innovative way to make us better, safer, more conscious drivers and bring back the joy of driving.

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The Future is here, and still companies are just scratching the surface of what's possible. We are building a crew of DOERS. Technical Jedis that geek out on big challenges and making a REAL impact on people's lives. Think you can handle it?

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Ride-Share, Car-Share, Taxi and Delivery Fleets Care Deeply About Their Drivers' Safety & Road Behavior


Zendrive Driver Analytics solution helps manage risk and liability with minimal implementation efforts and costs. Sign up to learn more and get access to our SDK.


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Click here for instructions on using the SDK after downloading it.

Zendrive SDK Integration

  1. Add ZendriveSDK framework to the app’s project
  2. Add dependency to following frameworks (if they are not part of your app already):
    • CoreLocation
    • CoreMotion
    • SystemConfiguration
    • libsqlite3.dylib
    • libz.1.1.3.dylib
    • AWSSQS (source)
    • AWSRuntime (source)
    • AWSS3Service (source)
  3. Import the header file in the file where you want to initialise the SDK (typically AppDelegate.m)
    • #import <ZendriveSDK/Zendrive.h>
  4. Initialise the app with your vendor name and user’s ID (typically done in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function)
    • [Zendrive setupWithApplicationId:@"your-application-id" userId:@"user-id"];
  5. Allow background location updates for the app:
    • On project screen, click “Capabilities”
    • Turn “Background Modes” on
    • Select “Location updates”
  6. Optional steps:
    • Add calls '[Zendrive startDrive:@"my-trip-id"] ' and 'stopDrive ' to mark the start and end of a fare