Happy haunts: Zendrive’s tips for a safe Halloween

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Happy haunts: Zendrive’s tips for a safe Halloween
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Halloween is upon us again, and with it comes customary celebrations of all things cheerfully “spooky” and “scary”–but with all the fun in full swing, we at Zendrive want to make sure that the spooks and scares stay cheerful on the busy roads this October 31st. People of all ages emerge in their costumes and take to the streets to claim all the treats their neighborhoods have to offer–more than 41 million children age 5-15 alone. So we thought it’d be a good idea to provide some tips to help keep safe on the streets at night.

Local roads can become especially during Halloween, and it has nothing to do with ghosts and goblins. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Halloween is consistently one of the top three days for pedestrian injuries and fatalities in America, and the Centers for Disease Control report that children are four times more likely to be struck by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

On Halloween night, children are often excited, eager, and likely taking in large quantities of sugar. That’s why it’s especially crucial for us drivers to keep an even keener eye on the surroundings.

Avoid using electronic devices

Zendrive recently conducted the largest study of driver behavior in history, and determined that 88% of Americans use their phones while driving. What’s more, taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds increases your odds of an accident 20x.

So on Halloween night, put those phones away while driving. Your local vampires will thank you.

Pay special attention at crosswalks

Your local sidewalks will likely be flooded with children this Halloween night, and most of them will be crossing at crosswalks.

That’s why it’s especially important to obey all traffic laws concerning crosswalks. Always stop when pedestrians are present, and do not proceed until the road is completely clear. And be a bit extra patient, as little brothers and sisters often take longer to tag along behind.

Be extra aware of jaywalkers

Jaywalking may be considered a harmless enough crime, but it can be especially dangerous on All Hallow’s Eve.

Young children–most trick-or-treaters–are not as familiar with crosswalk safety and its importance, and are more likely to cross the street whenever and wherever the impulse strikes them. Further, many excitable youngsters may cross the street as soon as they see a house they want to visit, and full-size candy bars are often so strong of an attraction that children will not wait for a crosswalk.

Stay aware and ever vigilant, and try to resist those candy bars, yourself.

Watch out for unexpected shopping and exiting

Many families will be dropping off and picking up children during Halloween, often at unexpected intervals and locations where either the biggest candy bars await, or their little monster has decided he or she is ready to go home.

Stay extra aware of children entering and exiting vehicles at random moments and places, and always be prepared to slow or stop unexpectedly.

Make your car easily visible

It’s a no-brainer: Drivers should always drive with the headlights on when it gets dark, but it’s especially important on Halloween night when trick-or-treaters are already distracted by other, sweeter interests.

Even if night has not yet completely fallen, turn your headlights on to provide extra visibility. Feeling festive? Why not decorate your car with additional spooky lights to make it extra easy to see?

Have fun out there, Zendrivers!

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